Recently, I hadn’t had much time for entertainment as I started my new job at MUJI Robson, while juggling 4 courses at school  > <. So, after I finished watching While You Were Sleeping, I decided to watch variety shows instead. These aren’t as suspenseful as dramas after all, and it wouldn’t seem as frustrating to pause and episode and watch it another time instead. I actually started two variety shows at the same time: MIXNINE and THE UNI+. Both are survival audition programs, but produced by different people of course. I started watching THE UNI+ at first, however, I found MIXNINE to be more interesting to watch.

MIXNINE is an audition program made especially for YG Entertainment, one of the big 3 entertainment companies in South Korea. The show is about the President of the company, Yang Hyun Suk, creating a debut team that consists of 9 members only (either male or female, no c0-ed group). He does this by visiting 72 other agencies in search of potential trainees that have what it takes to debut. At each visit, the trainees of that company must pass the audition in order to make it onto either one buses depending on their skill level: Trainee Bus or Debut Team Bus. If they do not pass, they are eliminated from the program. After rounds of missions, these two trainees seen above, Lee Su Jin (left) and Kim Hyo Jin (right), were chosen by the President to become the “CENTER”s of the first performance – JUST DANCE. Becoming the CENTER definitely means, the President considers them to be the top trainees out of everyone. Also, this means that they’ll receive more screen time, as the ranking of their positions, voted by the live and online audience, determines whether or not they get to debut (TOP 9).

PSSSTTT: You can watch their performances by clicking on the images!

If you wanna watch the show with English Subtitles, click here!



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