short essay two

Creating this blog actually took a lot more effort than I thought it would. In the first few weeks or so of class, I was on time with my assignments and posted regularly. However, after my other courses starting piling up, I had no time to post on a regular cycle as I had first planned to. The problem was, if I did not have time for entertainment and to catch up on the K-Pop world, I wouldn’t be able to keep my blog up to date either.

So how come I chose to make my blog about K-Pop and not some other subject? K-Pop is basically around my life 24/7. Well maybe not to that extent, but almost. I assumed my public would be those around my age group (-4 to +4 of 22). As I envisioned generally the younger public would like K-Pop. Unfortunately, getting people to read your blog is a problem too. Just because you post something online, does not mean people will automatically find it and explode online and make you some popular blogger. Take my own instagram account as an example. I have to date (Nov. 30, 2017), 1032 followers, but I started my account back in 2012. It took me 5 years to just accumulate that amount of followers.

In terms of my design and content, I used a layout that nicely suited what I thought would compliment the images that I’d use.


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